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Duff Goldman remembers his first James Beard recipe

Baltimore-based Pastry Chef Duff Goldman shares his first James Beard memory.

James Beard's mother was at the center of Portland's market.

James Beard's mother was at the center of Portland's market culture.

James Beard as a Gastronomic Gigolo

James Beard began cooking and entertaining when his savings ran low as a young man.

How James Beard pioneered the farm-to-table movement

James Beard was one of the pioneers of clean cooking.

Explore the advent of Food Television with James Beard

James Beard played a key role in the very first food shows on television.

Insight into James Beard's life as a gay man

When sexuality was not openly discussed, James Beard was comfortable, honest and open.

Alice Waters remembers her early friendship with James Beard

Alice Waters recalls a party early in her friendship with James Beard.

Discovered the doll designed to look like James Beard

Caroline Stuart discovered a doll that was designed to look like James Beard.

Chris Cosentino shares how he discovered James Beard's work

Chris Cosentino shares the surprising story of how he discovered James Beard's work.

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