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Alicia Keys doesn’t mind being compared to Lena Horne

The musician talks about why she admires Horne so much.

Diahann Carroll talks race and makeup while filming "Julia"

Carroll tells the story of an early makeup session for the TV show “Julia.”

The role of women entertainers in the civil rights movement

Historian Ruth Feldstein on the role of women entertainers in the civil rights movement.

Lena Waithe on why Cicely Tyson's hair was revolutionary

Waithe describes how Tyson's natural hair was an inspiration to many others.

Halle Berry on how seeing Diahann Caroll on TV changed her

Having a role model on TV who looked like her made a big difference for Halle Berry.

Lena Waithe on mixed feelings towards Blaxploitation

Producer, actor and writer Lena Waithe on the mixed feelings Blaxploitation evokes.

Why Cicely Tyson was selective about her acting roles

Tyson was mindful of how she performed Black womanhood.

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