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Ernest Hemingway versus Saul Bellow

Philip Roth talk about the opposing styles of Ernest Hemingway and Saul Bellow.

A classic Saul Bellow rant about Chicago

Chicago in the 1980s is the backdrop for Bellow's novel "The Dean's December."

Salman Rushdie on Saul Bellow's books

Salman Rushdie talks about some of his favorite Saul Bellow books in this outtake.

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Groucho & Cavett

Discover the enduring friendship between legendary comedians Dick Cavett and Groucho Marx.

Roberta Flack

Discover music icon Roberta Flackā€™s rise to stardom and triumphs over racism and sexism.

Lily Gladstone: Far Out There

Native American actress Lily Gladstone reflects on her origins and acting in Hollywood.

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