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Harriot Stanton Blatch: I Believe in Women

Harriot S. Blatch believed working-class women were the key to win the ballot.

Carrie Chapman Catt: The Politician

Carrie Chapman Catt was the president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Ida B Wells : The Advocate

Ida B. Wells was a prominent journalist who exposed racial violence in the South.

Alice Paul: The Militant

Alice Paul joined the 'suffragettes' while studying in London to demand the right to vote.

Black Suffragists

Black women played an essential role in the suffrage movement.

From Women’s Suffrage to the ERA

Is the U.S. at a tipping point in the nearly 100-year-long fight to ratify the ERA?

Chapter 1 | The Vote, Part 1

Watch a preview of Part One of The Vote.

She Resisted

Celebrate the strategies and tactics of the movement in a new interactive experience.

The Early Suffragists

They united to abolish slavery and advance the rights of women in the 19th Century.

The Ongoing Fight

Before women's suffrage, Black women led the fight for voting rights—and still do today.

The Race to Ratification

New York women came together to push for their state’s ratification of the 19th Amendment.

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Part 2 | The Vote | American Experience

Part Two examines the mounting dispute over strategies and reveals the pervasive racism.

The Murder of Emmett Till

Emmett Till's murder and the acquittal of his killers mobilized the Civil Rights Movement.

Part 2 | Clinton

Watch part two of Clinton.

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