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Joseph McCarthy: Senator of Anti-Communism

The McCarthy hearings are now emblematic of the 1950s "Red Scare."

Roy Cohn: Chief Counsel for McCarthy

Senator Joseph McCarthy hired Roy Cohn in 1953 as Chief Counsel.

Margaret Chase Smith

Senator Margaret Chase Smith was the first senator to stand up to Joseph McCarthy.

Langston Hughes on Trial

Author Langston Hughes was called before Sen. McCarthy’s Subcommittee on Investigations.

Chapter 1 | McCarthy

Watch the opening scene of McCarthy.

McCarthyism: Anatomy of an Investigation

McCarthy declared to Congress that scholar Owen Lattimore was a "top Russian spy."

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The Poison Squad

'The Poison Squad' tells the story of government chemist Dr. Harvey Wiley.

Ruby Ridge

A riveting account of the event that helped give rise to the modern American militia.

The Fight

The famous 1938 heavyweight fight between American Joe Louis and German Max Schmeling.

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