Coming Up

American Experience: Command and Control

Learn the long-hidden story of a deadly 1980 accident at a Titan II missile complex in Damascus, Arkansas.

Tuesday, Apr 25 8:00pm

FRONTLINE: The Fish on My Plate

Author Paul Greenberg spends a year eating fish, investigating ocean health – and his own.

Tuesday, Apr 25 10:00pm

NATURE: Forest of the Lynx

Watch the regeneration of an Austrian forest where wildlife from woodpeckers to lynx thrive.

Wednesday, Apr 26 8:00pm

iQ smartparent: Healthy Media Habits

Healthy media habits for children and families are discussed in the Season 2 finale.

Thursday, Apr 27 8:00pm

Latin Music USA: Bridges/The Salsa Revolution

Trace the rise of Latin jazz and the explosion of the mambo and the cha-

Friday, Apr 28 9:00pm

Filmmakers Corner

A Pittsburgh-area filmmaker showcase.

Saturday, Apr 29 10:00pm

Call the Midwife

Welcome a new recruit, Nurse Dyer, and learn why Sister Mary Cynthia causes the team distress.

Sunday, Apr 30 8:00pm

Home Fires on Masterpiece

Steph risks losing the farm, and Teresa has a big decision to make.

Sunday, Apr 30 9:00pm