Authentic Lives

Thursday, Jan 3 8:00pm

From education to employment, health care to housing, transgender Americans fight daily for their right to exist. How is Pittsburgh responding? This documentary spotlights some of the concerned organizations working on behalf of the region’s transgender population – and also profiles transgender men and women as they define their own authentic lives while navigating an evolving city.

In “Authentic Lives,” you’ll find out how our city rates when it comes to working toward equity and inclusion for its LGBTQ population. Meet people dedicated to finding a solution to the homelessness faced by many of our LGBTQ young people and some of the activists standing up for our transgender people of color. We’ll take a class with the young people who helped make history in our city schools. And the healthcare providers who strive to give kids and families peace of mind. Both on air and on this web page, join us for Authentic Lives.

Watch the promo: