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Share your story and spark a movement


One of the goals of the poverty initiative is to humanize statistics and breakdown the stigmas associated with poverty. So we are telling the stories of those providing and receiving services with the hopes of challenging the negative and often false stereotypes attributed to poverty. Vlogs and video diaries made by our community partners, their constituents, our interns and YOU are a tool for combating the stigma of poverty and empowering others through the power of your voice and your story.

Shalisa Walls

Shalisa Walls is a veteran of the United States Navy and Army Reserves. She is a mother and grandmother. She is currently participating in the Veterans Leadership Program's Project Journey for homeless female veterans and is building a house through Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh.

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Rachel Kallem Whitman

Rachel Kallem Whitman is a freshly minted doctor, educator, advocate, writer, and public speaker who strives to create a safe community - both online and in every day life - to empower individuals to look beyond their illness to find themselves. Check out her blog at

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Sarah Yobbi

Sarah Yobbi is a THINK! Intern and she is currently enrolled at Point Park University, majoring in Broadcast Reporting. She is working on a school supply drive for underprivileged kids.

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Troy D. Lee

Troy D. Lee is a THINK! Intern and he is currently enrolled at Kent State University, majoring in Journalism with a minor in History.

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