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"To me it looks saddened because for people who don't have places to live and people who just come in and write things all over it. … That's not right."

Well, you guys have kind of instilled that in me, you know what I mean, the hopefulness, so I appreciate that, just hearing everybody’s stories and you know then you don’t feel so alone in this. I’ve felt so incredibly alone in this. For the longest time even after I was well in a home, feel incredibly alone without supports

"I was actually what they call a co-dependent. Not an alcoholic but I gravitated toward those places when I had nobody around me."

It’s always around you when you’re in a housing crisis, there is that moment that… that swirl of despair, I means it’s always gray, you know where is the sunlight… Anything?!

I also think because its where we’ve been, [it’s] an obligation and a responsibility to help the next person. Even it it’s just with information.

I’m just saying that its really important to have a good support system whether its church or family because that’s how you build a bridge.

A lot of people don’t [have access to resources], and that’s why they can be trampled on even more. People really get taken advantage of because of their ignorance. Their lack of knowledge