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Exploring the Expereince of a Housing Crisis

Photovoice is a grass-roots initiative often implemented by individuals and communities that are marginalized. Individuals create a photograph with an accompanying narrative to raise awareness and educate others about their perspective and the need for action and advocacy.

In 2010, a group of women and men experiencing a housing crisis set out to photograph the places, scenes, and moments around Allegheny County that captured what homelessness meant to them.
With the support of our community partner Community Human Services and Michael Yonas, PhD, these women and men used the Photovoice approach to record and reflect their own experiences, strengths, and concerns. By sharing real, individual experiences, the Photovoice Project seeks to promote critical dialogue and enhance knowledge about living in a housing crisis and to inform awareness, resources, services and policies designed to assist people experiencing homelessness.

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Five photographers. Five cameras. One focus.

Unfiltered and unedited, five area residents document their personal experiences with economic hardship in photographs that show the impact of poverty in our community.

Inspired by Witnesses to Hunger this is a project by our community partner Just Harvest that empowers those who know firsthand what it means to face poverty – people who are too often left out of the policymaking processes that directly impact their lives. Using digital photography, the participants spark dialogue, engage and inform policymakers, and inspire change.

Exhibiting their photographs to the public is only the first step in this dialogue. They are using these photographs and their life experiences to advocate for change in their own communities. They are living testimony of the need for legislation to put an end to hunger and poverty.