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Live Broadcast Event

On April 6 we held a special Town Hall Television event. Broadcasting live, we explored the goals of equity and opportunity and their significance in building a better region. You can watch the program here online.

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Equity and Opportunity

What do the words “equity” and “opportunity” mean to you?  Some people have never had to think twice about whether they’ve had a fair shot at attaining their goals.   But a growing number of people are feeling as though they're losing ground when it comes to the possibility of economic advancement.  Others say the lack of resources in schools, on the job front and in the community have been lifelong barriers for them and their neighbors.
Our second topic in our ongoing THINK! initiative is “Equity and Opportunity.”  During our discussions, we will examine the roles bias, fear and lack of understanding play in denying people personal and professional growth. How do these challenges impact the general population’s ability to advance and prosper? We’ll expand the dialogue to include  the broader implications on society.

  • What can be done to empower those who feel disenfranchised?  
  • How can broad coalitions be built to transcend differences?  
  • What options exist to increase economic stability and mobility for all?


THINK! Equity and Opportunity Panelists List

Betty Cruz, Director, Change Agency
James Guffey, Executive Director, South Hills Interfaith Movement
Dr. Jamil Bey, Executive Director, UrbanKind Institute
Angela Allie, Director of Equity, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Wasi Mohamed, Executive Director, Islamic Center of Pittsburgh
Tay Waltenbaugh, CEO, Westmoreland Community Action
Majestic Lane, Deputy Chief of Neighborhood Empowerment, Office of the Mayor

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Visit our Online Community Forum where you can contribute thoughtful conversation on these important issues in our "Virtual Town Square."

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About THiNK!

THINK! is a new series of initiatives that began in the fall of 2016 on WQED. THINK! is a call to action – and interaction – that invites a broad spectrum of voices and organizations to join together and collaborate around issues that confound and divide us. THINK! seeks to optimize public interaction, and, to do so, WQED is partnering with the Art of Democracy, an award-winning organization that fosters informed and inclusive public engagement. The Art of Democracy, working closely with WQED, will develop a community engagement process that will enlist a diverse and inclusive group of civic organizations. We’ll spread the word and encourage participation in thoughtful, productive conversations. Conversations that matter to you, your neighbors and your community. Those conversations will happen here – on this web page and in the social media realm. And in real time, at face-to-face community forums near you. The many voices taking part in the initiative will coalesce in hour-long broadcast specials from the WQED studios where experts, civic leaders and community members come together. Be part of the conversation and join us for THINK!

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Inclusive Innovation Week

THINK! is proud to participate in the City of Pittsburgh’s Inclusive Innovation Week, March 31 – April 7th. For details and events please visit Pittsburgh's Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation.