Meet the TEAM!


Amelia's superpower is anti-bullying & acceptance. Amelia helps students understand how to team up against bullying and teaches them that acceptance is about recognizing and celebrating all differences.


Haper's superpower is helping others, which is the ability to service others in school, at home, and in the community.


Lamar's superpower is leadership, which can be explained as the combination of helping others, making positive changes, being accepting of others, using good problem solving skills, and showing resilience. 


Paco's superpower is positive change, which is the ability to make changes that help you be a better person, help others be better people and help the community be a better place.


Philo's superpower is problem solving, which is using positive strategies to solve a problem or conflict.


Ruby's superpower is resiliency, which is the ability to bounce back when something tough or hard happens. Ruby helps students understand they can overcome obstacles and tough times.