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Your Voice, Your Vote

It’s all about choices: Joe Harmon, a civics teacher at Redbank Valley High School, teaches us how to prepare to vote by using the game “Cast Your Vote.” The more you learn, the better informed you are!
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A Photography Lesson

Charlene Foggie-Barnett, community archivist at the Carnegie Museum of Art, shows us how to take exciting family portraits. Charlene takes her hints from Teenie Harris -- one of Pittsburgh's top photographers who chronicled the Black community for decades.
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Staying Fit Indoors

Take common items around the house -- socks, plastic water bottles, a broom -- and transform your home into a sports arena. Mike Schall, an elementary phys-ed teacher from the Bethel Park School District, shows us how to use these items for sport, while staying fit and having fun! Download Resources


What's Up? Finding Polaris

Science communicator Ralph Crewe takes us on a trip "up". In this Teachable Moment, "Up" is the night sky and Ralph teaches us how to always locate Polaris, the North Star.
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A Tangram Puzzle

Do you like stretching your mind? How about a neat way to learn shapes AND construct dozens of different puzzles? Try making a Tangram with help from Integrative Media Artist and TEKStart owner Shimira Williams.
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How to Draw a Rabbit

Cartoonist Joe Wos takes you through the process of drawing a rabbit, using only a few letters of the alphabet!

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Building a Survival Shelter in your Backyard

Lo Zemanek, an educator with Venture Outdoors, shows us how to build a survival shelter using materials scattered around outside like sticks and leaves. And even if there isn't enough to build one for a human being, you could still create one for a furry little stuffed animal!
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Searching for Critters

Are there are exotic critters in your backyard? Andrea Redinger is a biology teacher “extraordinaire” at Greensburg Salem High School. Mrs. Redinger, AKA Mrs. Frizzle, gives us a “hands-on” look at two exotic critters that can be found in her classroom, and encourages you to look for other wild life in your own backyard.
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A Paper Workout

Can a piece of paper hold up a stack of books? Melissa Unger, South Fayette Elementary School STEAM teacher, gives it a try. Basic concepts like building and distribution of weight are demonstrated in this fun lesson that can easily be done at home.
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