The Red Western


About the Artist 

Since their formation in October of 2007, The Red Western has seen their share of members come and go. Their current 4 piece lineup is Lauren DeLorenze and Jonathan Gunnell on Guitar and Vocals, Sean Finn on Drums, and Jay Leon playing the Bass.

They released their debut album, Loves You, featuring elements of Folk, Americana, Alternative Country, and Soul influenced Rock, later expanding on these roots to include indie Rock, Punk, and Power Pop.

About the Session 

The DVE Morning Show welcomes The Red Western as they perform songs from their new EP "Sirens".

Interviews were conducted at the Andy Warhol Museum, February 6, 2016.

Production Team 

Producer/Photographer/Editor: Antonio Corona

Associate Producer/Photographer: Alisyn Blackwell

Associate Producer/Photographer: Amy Grove

Associate Producer/Photographer: Andrew Klein

Associate Producer/Photographer: Kevin McCoy

Associate Producer/Photographer: Zak Boyle