Nevada Color


About the Artist 

In July 2012, Chris Cichra (bassist) and Max Kovalchuk (guitarist) met Quinn Wirth (lead singer) and began making music. The three then added Adam Valen (guitarist) to the group. Jeremy Westhead (drummer) was then asked to join the band to complete the quintet known as Nevada Color.

Nevada Color has shared the stage with national acts including Cold War Kids, Tokyo Police Club, Kevin Garrett, and many others. They have also headlined cool concerts including their award-winning performance at Sound Scene Express' "Best of Pittsburgh Music 2015."

About the Session 

Nevada Color was interviewed at the Black Forge Coffee House in the Allentown neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  The performance of their song "Spotlight" was filmed at the Framework Music and Arts Festival, also held in Allentown on May 7, 2016.

Production Team 

Producer/Editor/Camera: Antonio Corona
Producer/Editor/Camera: Zak Boyle
Associate Producer/Camera: Alisyn Blackwell
Associate Producer and Camera: Amy Grove
Associate Producer and Camera: Andrew Klein
Associate Producer and Camera: Samir Daouk