Memphis Hill


About the Artist 

Out of a mutual love of modern blues and rock music, Memphis Hill was born. What started out as full-blown jam sessions in a freshman dorm room in 2010 quickly turned to playing covers and experimental improvisation for a room of new fans. And that was just the beginning for the band.

Now you can catch Memphis Hill playing originally material at many of Pittsburgh’s music venues. And, just to spread their music appreciation to fans and fellow musicians alike, they now host the annual Wilkins Block Party.

Current members of the band include Lucy Clabby, Mac Inglis, Collin Cherubim, Victor Cherumbim, Logan Randolph, and Alex Holloway.

About the Session 

This performance was recorded on June 12, 2016 at Hartwood Acres Amphitheatre.

Production Team 

Producer/Editor/Camera: Alisyn Blackwell
Associate Producers/Camera: Zak Boyle
Associate Producers/Camera: Amy Grove
Associate Producers/Camera: Andrew Klein