Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution


About the Artist 

Lyndsey Smith & Soul Distribution have been bringing their unique blend of rock and soul music to music lovers since 2011 and have been gaining loyal fans on a regional, national and international level.

The band includes Lyndsey Smith (vocals), Stacey Price and Markila Brown (back-up vocals), Spencer Geer (guitar), James Rushin (synth/piano), Ben Rossman (bass guitar), CJ Young (drums), Collin Binko (saxophone) and Joe Badaczewski (trumpet).

About the Session 

Interviews and the performance of "Can’t Resist It" were recorded at The Hard Rock Café in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 30, 2016.

Production Team 

Producer/Editor/Camera: Alisyn Blackwell
Associate Producer: Zak Boyle
Associate Producer: Amy Grove