The Gothees


About the Artist 

The Gothees are an entertaining and eclectic mix of performers-cum-musicians that formed in 2002 for a one-off bit of fun. Against all odds, better judgement and the advice of friends and family, they are now in their fifteenth year of existence. Their music may be best described as an unsettling mixture of ‘60s pop distilled with a hint of ‘80s influences topped with a slight pinch of the punk aesthetic. Having played with the likes of Shonen Knife, Mission of Burma, Jeffrey Lewis, The Red Elvises, Los Straitjackets and more, The Gothees unique sound continues to delight, and/or confuse with heaps of fuzz, theremins and zaniness.

About the Session 

The Gothees' interview and the performance of their song "Candy Dreams of Spacemen" were recorded February 15, 2017 at Mr. Smalls Recording and Mastering in Pittsburgh's North Side.

Production Team 

Producer/Camera/Editor: Alisyn Blackwell Producer/Camera/Editor: Zak Boyle Producer/Camera/Editor: Amy Grove