Fist Fight in the Parking Lot


About the Artist 

Fist Fight in the Parking Lot is comprised of Jason Sichi, Johnnie McCallough, Chris Ruane (MojoFilter, Venus in Furs) and Abby Krizner (Motorpsychos). This band’s hard-hitting sound is certain to catch in your ear like a fire to kindling. Their gritty, raw and moving style has built an energetic, passionate following of fans. The stage commands attention when they perform on it, and you will be enticed to keep listening.

About the Session 

Fist Fight in the Parking lot was interviewed at Peter B's Bar and Grill in Sarver, PA. The performance of their song "Miss Emma" was recorded at The Leaning Studio of Greene in Sarver, PA. Both the interview and the performance were recorded February 14, 2016.

Production Team 

Andy Kelemen - Director of Photography
Zak Boyle - Producer, Editor and Photographer
Amy Grove - Producer and Editor
Alisyn Blackwell - Associate Producer and Photographer