The Early Mays


About the Artist 

Whether they are composing a new arrangement of an old-timey classic or they are showcasing one of their original songs inspired by their love of American folk tunes, The Early Mays plays traditional music for a modern audience. Sometimes with the help of local musicians, Emily Pinkerton, Ellen Gozion, and Rachel Eddy each bring their own musical styles and experience together to give us a fresh and interesting take on familiar sounds.

About the Session 

The interview and performance of "Chase the Sun" and "Dear Companion" was recorded at Friends Meeting House in Pittsburgh, PA on Sunday, April 22, 2018. In this sessions, The Early Mays' founding members Emily and Ellen are joined by Rachel Eddy on fiddle, and Nicole Myers on cello.

Production Team 

Producer/Photographer/Editor: Sam Gorsuch
Associate Producer/Photographer: Alisyn Blackwell 
Associate Producer/Photographer: Zak Boyle