About the Artist 

Jake Hanner met the future lead singer of his band a few hours after she was born. At the age of five, he was disappointed that she was a girl and cried. Eighteen years later, Jake got over it, and he and sister Casey decided to start a band.

"We didn't grow up listening to a lot of the same music," explains Casey. "But when we started writing together, we realized that we approached creating music in the same way." The brother-sister duo along with bassist Jake Churton are Donora.

This Pittsburgh-based band has had their music featured in several MTV productions, including "Engaged and Underage." Their song "Shhh," featured in a PostSecret Valentine's Day video, has over 1.9 million hits on YouTube.

About the Session 

The performance was recorded June 10, 2016 at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA. The interviews were recorded June 22, 2016 at Point of View Park in Mt. Washington, PA.

Production Team 

Producer/Editor/Camera: Zak Boyle
Producer/Editor/Camera: Amy Grove
Associate Producer/Camera: Alisyn Blackwell