The Clarks


About the Artist 

They started as a cover band at Indiana University of Pennsylvania playing for free beer and a couple hundred bucks. Now some 30 years on, The Clarks are one of the most loved and well-known bands to come out of the Western PA area. While you can still catch them playing covers of some of their favorite bands, fans can also rock out to The Clarks beloved originals.

About the Session 

The Clarks interview and concert took place at Heinz Field during the Rib Fest Kickoff on Friday, September 2, 2016. 

Production Team 

Producer/Photographer/Editor: Zak Boyle

Producer/Photographer: Amy Grove

Associate Producer/Photographer: Sam Gorsuch

Interview Audio/Color: Andrew Klein


Sessions Photos 
Behind the scenes look during The Clarks Interview.
Behind the scenes look during The Clarks Interview.
The crowd during The Clarks concert.