Carol Blaze


About the Artist 

A.T. Vish set out to create music filtered through his own sensibilities and limitations. The result is the psychedelic, desert, shoegaze, sci-fi rock of his one-man band, Carol Blaze. Fom his Pittsburgh-based recording studio,Vish is the sole creator, performer and producer of the music. Carol Blaze has been heard on the TV shows Disappeared, Last Call with Carson Daly and more. Vish is the former drummer of Pittsburgh's dreampop darlings Lowsunday (Projekt Records) and psychedelic monsters Thickhead Grin.

About the Session 

The performance of Carol Blaze's "Fire" was recorded on the roof of WQED Pittsburgh (9/20/2016) and at All Terrain Vehicle Studios in Lawrenceville, PA (10/19/2016).

Production Team 

Producer/Editor: Amy Grove
Associate Producer/Camera: Alisyn Blackwell
Associate Producer/Camera: Zak Boyle
Associate Producer/Camera: Samantha Gorsuch
Drone Shots: Brad Kolesar