Arlo Aldo


About the Artist 

Arlo Aldo is a Pittsburgh-based band featuring beautiful Americana harmonies, gorgeous folk instrumentation and immersive musical textures. The band prides itself on intimate and engaging live experience as well as its studied approach to recording. Arlo Aldo is David Manchester (guitars, vocals), Ariel Forbes (keys, vocals), Susanna Meyers (bass, vocals), Brandon Forbes (drums) and Jessie Hoffman (viola). The band’s sophomore release House & Home is now available from Future Oak Record Company.

About the Session 

Arlo Aldo's performance of "Wolves" and the band member interviews were recorded November 13, 2016 at The Wilderness Recording Studio in Zelienople, PA.

Production Team 

Producer/Camera/Editor: Amy Grove

Producer/Camera/Editor: Zak Boyle

Associate Producer/Camera: Alisyn Blackwell

Associate Producer/Camera: James Robertson