Tom DeRosa and Pete Hoosac, members of the 1952 Little League team, have a catch at Mounds Field in Monongahela. 

Photographer Paul Ruggieri captures a re-enactment of key moments from the 1952 World Series, with Kennedy Nash on the mound. 

The Monongahela Little League team of 1952.

LIttle League catcher Frank DeRosa signs autographs after team wins the Pennsylvania State Championship. 

The Monongahela Pony League team greets runner at home plate after 1954 World Series win. 

Monongahela player is safe at third base in Pony League World Series. 

Hometown fans watch the Pony League World Series in Washington, PA in 1954.

The triumph of the Little League game was marred by the murder of a local fan.