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Whether this is for yourself, for the student who is away, or for a new or life-long Pittsburgher, Purely Pittsburgh will help to share Pittsburgh Pride!  A direct line to WQED, Rick Sebak, and Pittsburgh pro sports will be provided—a few of the things that make Pittsburgh the unique place we love.  If you would like to give this as a gift, we will send you a gift subscription link.

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*All contributions will be directed to the programming and services provided by WQED Pittsburgh.

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Which Rick Sebak programs are available to choose from?

  • A History Of Pittsburgh in 17 Objects
  • Houses Around Here 
  • It's The Neighborhoods
  • North Side Story
  • Pittsburgh A to Z 
  • Return to Downtown Pittsburgh
  • South Side
  • The Strip Show
  • Things That Are Still Here
  • What Makes Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

How do I get access to DK Pittsburgh Sports?

Look for an email from DK Pittsburgh Sports 3-5 days from the time of your donation.  The email will have instructions on how to access your one year subscription to DK Pittsburgh Sports.

I want to give Purely Pittsburgh as a gift. How does that work?

Purely Pittsburgh makes a great gift!  All you have to do is provide the recipient’s name and email when you are checking out. WQED will send an email to the recipient with all of the info they need to get access to DK Pittsburgh Sports and the Rick Sebak downloads.

How do I access the Rick Sebak Pittsburgh History Series downloads?

To access your instant downloads, follow the link that is provided in your email after you complete your donation. You will be prompted to pick two shows from a drop down menu.  Once you have made your selections, click on the links provided to complete your download.

Is my membership information shared with other entities?

The Purely Pittsburgh membership does require WQED to share your email address with DK Sports Pittsburgh in order for you to gain access to your subscription.  WQED does not sell, rent, transfer, provide or exchange its membership list with any political party, political committee, candidate for political office, or political lobbying organization.