Robert Aubry Davis

Robert Aubry Davis, veteran host of Millenium of Music on Sirius XM and public radio nationwide joins the Baltimore Consort in Pittsburgh at Calvary Episcopal Church Saturday November 18th at Calvary Episcopal Church to present a concert of music with Mary Queen of Scots at the center In Angel’s Wede. Davis in this conversation with Jim Cunningham looks from his vantage point as a legendary figure in the nation’s capital as a host of multiple musical organizations including the Smithsonian, Dumbarton Oaks and on WETA’s arts program Around Town. Robert talks about his fascination with the music of 1000 years before JS Bach, chant, Josquin Despres and where we are as Americans with support for the arts noting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and other Washingtonians as special champions of the arts.