RAD Interview – Pittsburgh Ballet Theater

Pittsburgh Ballet Theater’s new Artistic Director, Adam McKinney, talks about PBT’s upcoming free RAD days from September 29th to October 1st at Hazelwood Green, as a part of the Open Air performance series, co-presented with the August Wilson Cultural Center. These three free RAD days feature various performances from dance organizations across Pittsburgh, free classes, food, kids activities and much more. Adam also discusses PBT’s season opener, “Light in the Dark” from October 27th to the 29th, featuring a world premiere of Jennifer Archibald’s Sounds of the Sun. This performance also exhibits an instrument from Violins of Hope played live onstage by a PBT Orchestra musician, as Pittsburgh grapples with the 5th Anniversary of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. Visit https://www.pbt.org/performances to learn more.