Monteze Freeland – The Coffin Maker at Pittsburgh Public Theater

Director, playwright and Co-Artistic Director of City Theatre, Monteze Freeland, spoke with WQED-FM at the Pittsburgh Public Theater about the upcoming play, The Coffin Maker. This world premiere featuring a Pittsburgh playwright, Mark Clayton Southers, runs from May 29th to June 16th at the O’Reilly Theater. Monteze talks about his first introduction to the play almost 2 1/2 years ago, the challenges of researching slavery, the technical challenges throughout the show, and how working on a new play is always exciting. As if he isn’t busy enough, you can also catch Monteze’s new play, Fishy Woo Woo, at the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater Company on May 31st. Visit to find tickets to this historic and thrilling play.