Monteze Freeland and Howard Patterson – FAT HAM City Theatre

Director and co-artistic director at City Theatre, Monteze Freeland, and sound designer, Howard Patterson, discuss City Theatre’s performance of Pulitzer Prize winning Broadway play, FAT HAM. Written by James Ijames, FAT HAM is a modern revamp of Shakespeare’s Hamlet set at a backyard family cookout as Juicy (Hamlet) grapples with avenging his father’s death. This dark comedy examines love, loss, and a particular set of daddy issues. Monteze and Howard discuss their approach to creating Juicy’s world and the impact of a play that centers on a black queer man. Monteze highlights the strength of the cast and crew in creating a safe environment for this play to thrive, while Howard touches upon representation in theatre in Pittsburgh. FAT HAM opens tonight, March 8th and will run until March 24th. This production was co-produced with TheatreSquared in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Visit to learn more and find tickets.