Rick Robinson, Andrew Giordano, Jordan Speranzo – Millvale Music Festival Classical Stage

Mr. CutTime AKA Rick Robinson, member of the Beo String Quartet Andrew “Gio” Giordano, and composer Jordan Speranzo, spoke about their collaboration in the Millvale Music Festival this Friday and Saturday, May 17th and 18th. For the first time ever, there will be classical music on the Millvale Music Festival stage! Jordan talks about conducting The Millvale Festival Orchestra, performing at the St. Nicholas church on Friday at 6:15 pm, and with the Beo String Quartet following at 7:45 pm. Rick highlights the three groups on Saturday at the church starting at 11 am: NAT 28, Resonance Works, and an Octet of PSO musicians! All three talk about how this collaboration came together and what to hear, eat, and see at the festival this weekend. The Beo String Quartet also performs three movements of Philip Glass’ String Quartet No. 3 “Mishima”. Visit https://www.millvalemusic.org/music to find the schedule and learn more.