Kontara Morphis and Rickia Davenport – UNDERLAND X Alice New Hazlett

Choreographers Kontara Morphis and Rickia Davenport, discusses their upcoming show of UNDERLAND X Alice, on Thursday March 21st and Friday March 22nd at the New Hazlett Theater as part of their Community Supported Art (CSA) series. This performance based piece of theater is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. It also explores the journey of a young teen growing into a woman in 1920’s Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kontara and Rickia highlights the story of how they created this piece one day while teaching at a Propel School. Both also tell the story of how they first got into dance at the ages of 5 and 6. They describe their journey into becoming teachers/choreographers and creating their own dance company, K-Theatre Dance Complex. The show is sold out, but Kontara hopes to perform the piece again next year and is already writing a sequel. Visit https://newhazletttheater.org/events/underland-x-alice/ to learn more about the production.