John Moon – Freedom House

John Moon, one of the original Freedom House trail blazers visited with Jim Cunningham to talk about the exhibit in the City County Building lobby celebrating the work of the pioneers in providing lifesaving medical services when few others were willing to venture in to Pittsburgh’s Hill District in the sixties and seventies. The life savers set a world wide model for how to provide care on the scene. Hear all about it and watch the program on demand from the WQED website and the PBS App. It took 300 hours of medical training for the initial team of 24 amid racial tension. They were the only trained EMTs in the country and provided a lesson for the world.

Now, the Pittsburgh Bureau of EMS is launching a new pilot program called Freedom House EMT Training, in honor of the original Freedom House Ambulance Service. This program will allow residents to obtain their EMT certifications which allow them to transition to the bureau as full-time employees. Anyone interested in applying should visit PGHJOBS.NET or for more information. “In the 1960s, there was absolutely no EMS service in this country, no one trained to the extent we were. Here in Pittsburgh we wrote and developed the paramedic training program that paramedics began using throughout the United States,” said Moon. Today John Moon travels extensively to tell the Pittsburgh story.

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