Dr. Taras Filenko and Elsa Limbach

Ukrainian pianist and scholar Dr. Taras Filenko and Pittsburgh dancer Elsa Limbach spoke with WQED-FM about their upcoming Ukrainian benefit concert, Standing Against the Suppression of Expression, at the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild on Sunday, June 2nd at 7 pm. All proceeds will go towards the Brother’s Brother Foundation, and the concert will feature Ukrainian artist Ostap Stakhiw (Bandurist), as well as Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra members: Victoria Luperi (Associate Principal Clarinet and Principal Eb Clarinet), and Marta Krechkovsky (First Violin). Dr. Taras expresses his gratitude for everyone’s involvement in putting on this concert, and explains what a Bandura is. Elsa highlights the wonderful work Dr. Taras has done around the world. Visit https://www.mcgjazz.org/ukrainebenefit to learn more and find tickets.