Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons

Yearning to expose Pittsburgh to the sweeter side of France, co-owners Frederic and David opened Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons. Now, patrons who make their way to the Squirrel Hill neighborhood can enjoy some of the finest pastries of Paris from the freshest bonbon and eclair to the ever popular macaron. 


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5837 Forbes Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Mon-Sat: 8AM-8PM

Sun: 8AM-5PM



435 Market St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Mon-Fri: 7AM-9PM

Sat-Sun: 9AM-7PM



Production Team 

Production Team

Producer/Photographer/Editor: Alisyn Blackwell
Associate Producer/Photographer: Amy Grove