PBS Trailblazers - Local

Enjoy more WQED productions that showcase women trailblazers with connections to the Pittsburgh region.

A Crowning Achievement

Young women of color were not always welcome in “beauty pageants.” Jean Bryant worked to change that.

Finding Elizabeth's Soldiers

WQED's efforts to find homes for 100 of Elizabeth Black's sketches from WWII.

Never A Spectator - The Political Life of Elsie Hillman

The story of a Pittsburgh political giant who spent 40 years working both sides of the political aisle.

Portraits for the Homefront: The Story of Elizabeth Black

A remarkable story of a Pittsburgh artist who sketched soldiers on European battlefields during WWII.

Salute to the Sky

Florence Shutsy Reyolds made history as one of the first women pilots in World War II.

Torchbearers: The Story of Pittsburgh's Freedom Fighters

Revisit Pittsburgh's struggles during the so-called golden era of civil rights.


The stories of five ground-breaking women visual artists from Western PA.

WQED Mini Docs: Musical Mentors

Two award-winning stories of female innovators in Pittsburgh music.

WQED Mini Docs: Pittsburgh Women in WWII

Award-winning mini documentaries, showcasing the wartime contributions of Pittsburgh-area women.