Rainbow Machine


About the Artist 

Rainbow Machine is a psychedelic post-punk group who have been making the rounds and spreading good vibes in the local Pittsburgh scene for the past 3 years. Lead singer/bassist Ryan Hilberg and songwriter/guitarist R.J. Rozman, who have been playing together since high school, decided to take things seriously once they graduated. Ryan and R.J. recently enlisted drummer Reuben Narey, whose punk style of playing helps to complete the Rainbow Machine sound.  Their newest album, Glad Sad Mad, is available on Bandcamp.

About the Session 

The interview was recorded at Schenley Park, Oakland PA on August 3, 2017. The performance was recorded at Juke Records in Bloomfield on September 15, 2017.

Production Team 

Director of Photography Luke Keibler
Producer/Editor Andrew Holman
Associate Producer/Camera Alisyn Blackwell
Associate Producer/Camera Amy Grove