NextGeneration Fellows

Erica Brusselars

Erica joined the WQED Next Generation Fellows for the spring 2019 session. Erica has studied playwriting and film production and has put her skills to work writing and producing documentaries and short films. She holds degrees in both the Arts and Sciences – great tools for the art and craft of  storytelling. Erica is excited to delve deeper into the documentary production process.

Calyx Deroche

Calyx is a newly minted 2019 graduate of Point Park University, having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema Production. Calyx is fascinated with all aspects of becoming a successful producer. She’s looking to broaden her experience in videography, audio and editing in combination with the financial and logistical nuts and bolts that bring films to life.  

The Next Generation Fellows Project is made possible by a grant from the PCTV Programming Trust.