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Meet a WQED Member

Photo of Dr. Matthew Lamanna


Dr. Matthew Lamanna, Dinosaur Paleontologist

My wife and I love WQED. We listen to 89.3 on our commute every weekday. The music and Jim Cunningham’s cheerful voice are good for my blood pressure (which, in turn, is good for other commuters). Seriously, Jim, Anna Singer, and many others involved with the station—plus, of course, the station itself—are Pittsburgh treasures that need to be supported, so we try to do whatever we can to help out.

Photo of Manfred Honeck


Manfred Honeck, Music Director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

WQED is an ambassador for Classical Music and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. WQED is spreading the word about the greatness and the need for Classical Music, and for me it’s sensational what this radio station is doing. I hope that as many people as possible can support WQED. It’s unique in the world.


The WQED Digital Guide

The WQED Digital Guide is available to all Members who make a yearly cumulative contribution of $40 or more. This multimedia publication gives members an insider’s look at WQED. It can be a challenge to stay current with the many new programs premiering each month. The WQED Digital Guide helps you navigate all these great programs, by highlighting the most anticipated premieres and taking you behind-the-scenes at the studio. For more information about the WQED Digital Guide or to ask a question about the service, please email us at

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