Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view my leaf after submitting?

Once you have submitted your leaf for the Virtual Kindness Tree you will receive a unique url that will take you directly to your leaf. Also, you will receive an e-mail following your submission with the link to your leaf.

How do I remove my leaf?

WQED will remove any posts that are A) deemed offensive, obscene, etc. B) A user comes across a leaf that is about them for which they did not give permission. 3) The author of the post wants the leaf taken down. If the author wants a leaf removed, simply “flag” the post on the leaf to notify WQED.

Can I put up more than one leaf?

Of course! There is no limit to kindness!

What is the difference between the Virtual Kindness Tree and the One of a Kind stories?

Located on the WQED + Kindness webpage, the Virtual Kindness Tree will come to life with each submission of a good deed. We welcome the community to submit a leaf, or a kind act that they experienced or did that day, and watch the tree grow as a celebration of kindness in the community. We will help make the world of social media kinder by sharing these stories on multiple platforms. WQED is also asking the community to either nominate a member of the community or tell their own “One of a Kind” story. The stories differ from the Virtual Tree of Kindness in that we are requesting unique, feel good stories that can be produced into a short video. A panel of judges from throughout the community will choose several stories to be turned into the short videos that WQED will produce. The videos will live right here on this webpage, air on WQED-TV, be shared on social media, and be screened at community events.

How long will the tree be accessible?

WQED + KINDNESS is an ongoing initiative and we will receive leaf submissions throughout the year and hopefully beyond.

How can I become a community partner?

Organizations that are interested in becoming a part of the WQED + KINDNESS initiative should email

What do I do with my Kind Card?

The Kind Cards are meant to encourage people to do something kind. Once you’ve contributed to the community by being kind, pass it on to someone else!

When will I find out if my story was chosen?

We have curated a panel of judges from our community that will meet once a month from May – October 2019. The panel will choose one video for each month that will be produced into a WQED short video. Selected stories will be notified by phone and/or email in a timely manner after the judges have made their selection.