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The Maker Movement in Schools

Season 3 | Episode 306 | Length: 26:47

In 2009, President Obama called for Americans to be makers of things, not just consumers of things, and since then, we've truly become a nation of "makers." Just as the Maker Movement is transforming our culture, it’s having a major impact in our schools.

Our Guests

Lisa Regalla

As Deputy Director, Lisa Regalla directs Maker Ed’s mission to scale and disseminate making as a change-agent for learning. By developing partnerships with educators, organizations, researchers and the broader community, Lisa helps build and support a growing network committed to broadening participation in making.

Graig Marx

Graig Marx is a science teacher at Winchester Thurston School and is the chair of the Science Department. He also serves as STEM Cooridinator. In his six years at the school, he has worked to increase the use of project-based learning and engineering projects. The Maker Movement has influenced his teaching of a high-level, product-based, engineering course and the creation of Makerspaces throughout the campus.

David Nassar

David Nassar is a mathematics and computer science teacher at Winchester Thurston School and is the chair of the Computer Science Department. In his seven years at the school, he has developed the computer science curriculum to include integrated computer science in Lower School, required computer science courses and electives in the Middle School and nine separate Computer Science courses in the Upper School.

Adam Nye

As the Director of City as our Campus, Adam Nye helps to integrate community resources into the learning experiences of students at Winchester Thurston School. He assists teachers in partnering and collaborating with various community resources throughout Pittsburgh, including museums, artists, makerspaces, and others.

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