011: Day Bracey

Day Bracey is a Pittsburgh comedian and podcaster who also organizes festivals, including the beautiful beer-based Barrel & Flow Fest that celebrates African-American culture, arts, cuisine and collaborations that encourage black-owned breweries, businesses and brilliant ideas across America. Born in Braddock, studied at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Day shares stories about his own history, how the festival that started as Fresh Fest in 2018 transformed into Barrel & Flow that was recognized in 2023 by USA TODAY as The Best Beer Festival in America. We talk about craft beer, community and Blowfish BBQ.

Day on Facebook: www.facebook.com/day.eastwood
Day on Instagram: www.instagram.com/daybracey/

Barrel & Flow website: www.barrelandflow.com/
Barrel & Flow on Instagram: www.instagram.com/barrelandflow/
Barrel & Flow on Facebook: www.facebook.com/barrelandflow

Blowfish BBQ: www.instagram.com/blowfishbbq/