Skilled Trades

Skilled trades are jobs that required on-the-job or vocational training and are often very hands-on, like a mechanic, crane operator or iron worker. The on-the-job training often comes in the form of apprenticeships that have progressive increases in skills and wages. Skilled trade workers, like electricians or protective coating painters, frequently work on projects for different clients and solve problems to repair or upgrade systems or structures. After specialized training prior to employment, some skilled trades also require additional training for specialized certifications.

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The following careers require less than a Bachelor's Degree and are projected to see the fastest growth through 2025 in the Pittsburgh Region:

Electrical power-line repair and industrial machinery mechanics are projected 20 percent growth.

Welders, Cutters, Solderers and Brazers  

Industries with high levels of employment:
• Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
• Machinery Manufacturing
• Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing
• Robotics
• Electrical Power Generation and Distribution*
• Natural Gas Distribution*
  *top paying industries

Transportation and Material Moving  

Employment: 79,485
Annual Openings through 2025: 8,979
• Occupation: Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Driver

Employment, PA: 80,810
Average Annual Wage, Pittsburgh: $46,660
• Occupation: Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators

Employment, PA: 31,580
Average Annual Wage, Pittsburgh: $42,870

Installation, Maintenance and Repair  

Employment: 48,401
Annual Openings through 2025: 3,927
• Occupation: Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers​
Employment, PA: 5,770
Average Annual Wage, Pittsburgh: $54,130
• Occupation: Industrial Machinery Mechanics

Employment, PA: 14,650
Average Annual Wage, Pittsburgh: $49,530