Autonomous Vehicles

Companies like Uber, Argo AI, Delphi and Aurora are all researching autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh. To remain at the forefront of the industry, the region has to supply a talented workforce has to support it. There were twice as many jobs related to autonomous vehicles in the region than there were on average in the U.S. Software developers are the most in-demand role, while mechanical engineers are a close second. Once further developed, autonomous vehicle companies will also require more roles to support the operation and maintenance of self-driving cars. Training providers must continue to supply workers with the right skills in order for the industry to continue to thrive.

Jobs in autonomous vehicles

  • software developer
  • mechanical/computer/electrical¬†engineer
  • computer scientist
  • user-interface designer
  • developer
  • sales representative
  • automotive services technician
  • technical writer

Fast Facts

There are over 60 local universities, community colleges and training providers (technical schools, training facilities) in the greater Pittsburgh area.

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