Advanced Manufacturing

Demand for production work is shifting toward roles that support advanced manufacturing and away from those that have traditionally employed people in the Pittsburgh region. Advanced manufacturing, leads to a smaller number of higher skilled jobs. Automation controls and increased robotics expertise are now more sought after than in the past. About 6,000 production workers and engineering technicians who are unemployed are estimated to need more skills. Community members can help address the stigma with production and manufacturing jobs. Continued research in the field can also lead to more innovation here in the Pittsburgh region.

Additive Manufacturing



A type of advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing uses an electronic design to build an object by adding layers of material on top of one another. This allows for faster protyping and product creation in the manufacturing industry. Twice as many jobs in the field were available in the Pittsburgh region compared to the rest of the country, and the industry’s growth here was 14 times faster than it was nationally. Pittsburgh employers, however, are more likely than those nationwide to request graduate degrees with 43 percent requiring it of mechanical engineers and 24 percent requiring it of manufacturing engineers.

Jobs in Additive Manufacturing:

  • chemical/mechanical/materials engineer
  • IT project manager
  • chemist
  • manufacturing/production technician

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