Free Day in Paris - Nov 6, 2012

Jim Cunningham reports on the PSO's final day off before the four final concerts in Germany and Luxembourg. In the hotel lobby, he catches maestro Manfred Honeck (who has caught a cold), and Princpal Harp Gretchen Van Hoesen.

Auf Wiedersehen, Vienna - Nov 5, 2012

Jim's final report from the PSO's residency in Vienna includes conversations with Dr. Otto Biba, head of the archives at the Musikverein, and Dr. Thomas Angyan, the Intendant of the Gesellschaft at the Musikverein. Jim witnesses a protest at St. Stephen's, and talks with PSO patrons Tom and Jamee Todd, as well as PSO Timpanist Ed Stephan and principal percussionist Christopher Allen.

Music for Body and Soul - Nov 3, 2012

Jim Cunningham interviews Johannes Prinz, the director of the Vienna Singverein, who has known Manfred Honeck since their student days. Jim also gets reaction to the PSO's Mahler "Resurrection" Symphony from Helge Wehmeier, an underwriter of QED's tour coverage. We hear the PSO's Adam Liu and Penny Brill bringing music therapy to St. Anna's pediatric hospital, PSO Board Chair Richard Simmons saluting orchestra members after last night's concert, and the backstage brass group featured in Mahler's Second at the Musikverein.

Ronald Schneider meets Ronald Schneider - Nov 2, 2012

PSO hornist Ronald Schneider received an email from "Ron Schneider." Suspecting spam, he opened it anyway, and discovered that it was from a notable pianist in Vienna who shares his name. They finally met in person, and QED's Jim Cunningham was there.

Singing praises at the Musikverein - Nov 2, 2012

Manfred Honeck's moving musical event expanding on Mozart's Requiem elated performers and audience on All Souls Day in Vienna. QED's Jim Cunningham gets reactions from the US Ambassador to Austria, William Eacho; vocal soloists Liang Li, Sunghae Im, and Paul Appleby; PSO violinist Chris Wu, Pittsburgher Monique Mead, and Nikolaj Znaider, who played the world premiere of Herbert Willi's Violin Concerto "Sacrosanto," commissioned by the Musikfreunde for the PSO's visit.

With the Winklers at Winklers in Wien - Nov 1, 2012

The Pittsburgh Symphony's most musical family on this tour is the Winklers. Chad Winkler is a member of the PSO trumpet section, joined by his trumpet-playing father and brother as tour "extras" for Mahler's Symphony #2. Chad's sister-in-law Sonja Winkler is the PSO's Director of Orchestra Operations and Touring. Other members of the family have come to Vienna, and the Winklers all gathered at a Viennese restaurant named Winklers.