Sir Salman Rushdie - Feb 20, 2008

The prolific and award-winning Sir Salman Rushdie rocked the Muslim world with his book, The Satanic Verses, resulting in a fatwa from Ayatollah Khomeini. During his years under protective custody, he continued to write. His most recent award-winning work is Shalimar the Clown. Rushdie will appear Feb. 27, 2008 at Heinz Hall.

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's "Forever Love" - Feb 15, 2008

A preview of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's "Forever Love," with Septime Webre's "Fluctuating Hemlines" and the world premiere of "Glint," by Point Park-trained choreographer Lauri Stallings, artist Christo Braun, and singer B. E. Taylor.

Zagreb, Croatia 05 Feb 08 PM - Feb 6, 2008

The PSO ends its 2008 European tour in Zagreb, Croatia. Jim reports on newspaper reviews, orchestra's health and mood, this tour's impact, future touring plans. Audio of Robert Radtke, Nikolai Lugansky, Beethoven, and Brahms.

Budapest, Hungary 04 Feb 08 PM - Feb 5, 2008

From Budapest, after rhythmic applause for the PSO's debut in Bartok Hall at the city's new Palace of the Arts. Audio of Richard and Virginia Simmons, Larry Tamburri, Michael Langley.

Zagreb, Croatia 05 Feb 08 AM - Feb 5, 2008

On the bus to Zagreb, Jim reports on the Budpest concert with pianist Nikolai Lugansky. Audio of Brahms, Beethoven, Marek Janowski, Paul Silver, Gyorgy Lendval, rhythmic applause.

Hanover, Germany 01 Feb 08 PM - Feb 4, 2008

Jim describes the cultural scene in Hanover, Germany where Leonidas Kavakos and the PSO gave their final concert together on this tour. PSO health update. Anticipation for Vienna. Audio of Brahms, violin encore.


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