Yo-Yo Ma with Daryl Ford Williams

Original airdate 
Aug 6, 2020

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma talks with WQED’s Vice President of Content and Executive Producer of Harbor From the Holocaust, Darryl Ford Williams. The WQED Production airs nationally September 8 at 10pm.  They discuss the music Yo-Yo Ma recorded expressly for the program “Poeme per violoncello et orchestre” written by his father Hiao-Tsiun Ma  who studied violin in Shanghai which became a safe harbor for 20,000 Jews during WWII. It was not until decades later that the composition was completed at the request of a young Yo-Yo Ma who was studying the cello and wanted something challenging to play. The conversation includes Yo-Y o Ma’s knowledge of Shanghai during the Second World War and his return more recently, how the music reveals his Father’s Shanghai experience and his later Parisian sound world, how the recording was made during a pandemic and more.

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