Sohrab Mohebbi - Carnegie Museum of Art

Original airdate 
May 6, 2022

The Kathe and Jim Patrinos Curator of the 58th Carnegie International, Sohrab Mohebbi, visited WQED-FM to speak with Jim Cunningham about the first round of commissions and partnerships including the Berlin based collective terra0 which has proposed an augmented tree that owns its land; Pittsburgh born artist James “YaYa” Hough will paint a mural for the Hill District; Cuban American artist Rafael Domenech will begin the summer season June 4th with a pavilion housed in the museum’s sculpture courtyard; and artist Tony Cokes will create work for the Carnegie International on four digital billboards along Route 28. There will also be art seen for the first time in the US from the Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende. Sohrab tells his story beginning in Iran and suggesting ideas to Carnegie Museum of Art Director Eric Crosby with observations on how museums stay relevant today and making certain that Pittsburghers own one of the oldest and most comprehensive exhibits of new art in the world.

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