Roy Sonne and Yeeha Chiu

Original airdate 
Nov 10, 2017

Roy Sonne played the violin for  38 seasons with the Pittsburgh Symphony. He still rosins up the bow and he’s played many times with Yeeha Chiu piano. These two are at again with a A Romp Through the Violinist’s World on Monday November 13 at 8pm at Rodef Shalom Temple.  The concert centers around the composer performers of the music world with the Bach Chaconne for solo violin, music by Kreisler, Leclair, Corelli, Paganini, Kreisler, Mark O Connor and Joe Venuti. Roy and Yeeha a tell their story winding through La Paz Bolivia, Hong, Kong, London, MIT, Juilliard, New England Conservatory and the Royal College of Music destination Pittsburgh.  

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